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Fashion StudioX

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Joker Puffer

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey, I’m just looking at this now.
Currently if you could please make the thumbnail 1024x1024 or 512x512 transparent as per guidelines. Looks like there’s only male representation, is that correct? If you can update that would be great.
Is this your personal artwork?
Can you please send confirmation that you can use this to ~


Excited to see, please let me know when you’ve updated and I’ll re-review.

Hi there,

Correct for now there is only male representation. I can confirm that this is my own artwork and is a part of my NFT collection on opensea. Link below and email sent as well.

I have changed the thumbnail. Please check and let me know

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Tagging you in the post

Thanks for that, I might still get you to shoot an email just sharing what you just posted to legal so they can confirm if there’s any grey area here. Looks all good tho so should be a quick answer!

Once that’s confirmed I’ll approve this, thank you~

Also just checking the thumbnail it seems to still be solid. Ensure it is transparent so the rarity can be seen.

should i keep the background as white to ensure transparency?

It should be a transparent png, currently it looks to be a screenshot of the builder preview. If you aren’t able to make it a png, if you upload the wearable it will automatically generate a preview for you ~

Let me know how you go!

@michi thanks I have reverted back to the orginal thumbnail generated at the time of upload.
Kindly check

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That looks perfect, I’ll let you know when I hear back from legal with the green light!

Thank you~

@michi Thanks a lot for the prompt response

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Hi @michi , didnt hear back from legal yet?

Hey @i7827 , it can take a few days due to timezone differences but I’ll shoot a message to ensure they’ve received your email~

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thanks @michi , just want to make sure they have received my email

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Legal got back and are happy with what you provided. thanks for your patience and this is approved~

fantastic! thanks @michi

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@michi hey mitchi i have a question. Why is my collection not show under official DCL collection page on opensea?

It usually takes a few months to sync but it originally is under your own collection name then merges to the main one. I think because of the volume of submissions lately it just takes a lot longer than it used to~

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