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Fashion for Meta

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** One Shoulder Armor Collectible**

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Your item is having some issues with other wearables. Please adjust waist vertices to be at the suggested height
Take into consideration that both representations have different hips height so you will need to make 2 separate models, one for each representation (female and male).

Please use reference models.


Also shoulder is having some clipping issues with the arm.

Please tag me when you are ready!

Thank you.

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Hi decentraland !! Im happy to say that this is my first wearable submission and there are many more to come from me! Please approve this unique and beautiful design!!

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Hi @vrglitch

It is just for male model. I have done the correction.
And the shoulder I made some changes. I think it´s better now.

Hey @fashionformeta , The shoulder is having some clipping issues with most of the emotes. Please try to weight the shoulder back and front part to the arm bone.
Thank you!

Hi @vrglitch

I think it is working now!

Best Regards

Hi @vrglitch

Just to show a better view of when he’s raising his hand.

Awesome work, collection approved.


Anyone can purchase this item on this link: