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Fancy Eyepieces

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**Fancy Monocle **

  • Description: Only for the fanciest of single correct lens wearers
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: eyewear

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Hey! Checking this now

Hello! Good one ! :slight_smile:
Can you check the male representation? maybe you need to adjust the position for the male body.
Please remove “eyewear” from the replace tab, your wearable will replace any eyewear by default.
Reply here when you are done, cheers!

Thank you for reviewing my wearable! I will jump on these updates now.

Thanks again for reviewing, I have a quick question about adjusting the position for the eye. Would I need to reload and then resubmit the asset? Is there a way to replace the asset without resubmitting? Thank you!

Actually, nvm. Just figured out how to do it.
Asset has been updated, please let me know if there is anything else I could provide. Thanks!

Hello @Bixby!
Collection approved :slight_smile:

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