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Fame Lady Squad

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FLS Phoenix T-shirt

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Consider finetuning skinning where the armpits are and ALSO there doesn’t seem to be a proper male representation, hence the gap between the upper and lower bodies.


Thank you! I sent this back to our designer and they simply sent me a new “men’s version” but the file does not work as unisex either as far as I can tell (there’s an issue on the back side when placed on the female avatar).

Quick and amateur question for you - is there a way to upload 2 different files for the same shirt to be unisex (so there is simply one t-shirt but it can fit differently depending on the sex of the avatar)? Or would this have to be issued as 2 separate pieces in the collection? Much appreciated!

Also - the armpit area as you mentioned above - is this only an issue when on the male avatar? Thank you!


You need to create a male or female wearable first and then click this:

Yes, the armpits issue is the only one.


Awesome - thank you!

Where do I find the option to “add male representation”?
I do not see it on my screen under properties… I’ll share a screen shot.


It seems it’s a little bit different with already published items - go here:


Awesome - all done (found it, thank you)!
Any chance this could get approved today?


Collection approved!