Collection 'Fallen Wings' created by JTV is ready for review!

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Plz the wings are amazing I love them!

love it soooo plieas do it he is my santa man grüße aus germany

All I want for Christmas…

Santa bettah bring the JTV wings! preferably early.

All I need for Christmas is these Wings!!! <3 :slight_smile:

All I want for Christmas!!! PLEASE!!!

Xmas gift, maybe?? It’s on my list!!

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Please DCL Santa (or Krampus) - This is all I want for Christmas!
Let’s Gooo!

This is all i want for Christmas! WGMI

These would be a great Christmas present for myself!

All I want for Christmas!

YOU, YEAH YOU.. now that I know your reading this… Please make holiday dreams come true for the community. JTV has done a lot to not only promote the wearables coming out, He has also grown the player base in DCL exponentially this last month, the server load can show you ;D Please bring these into the market or tell his team what to update soon so we can wrap these and surprise our loved ones for the holiday season :smiley: If you read all of this thank you and have a great holiday season :smiley:


All I Want For Christmas!!! Fallen Wings!!!

The only thing I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas! Fly Snow Mountain!

YOOOOOO!!! These things are so dope!!! I need these things.

hey yoo!! Fallen Wings for the Christmas!!

Snow is glistening, sleigh bells ring
Christmas trees, choirs sing
Now can you please do a favor for me,
and approve these JTVs wings. :slight_smile:

Reviewed and approved


Thanks a lot for the review!! :heart: