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White Platform Shoes

Checking this out now!

Hey! Great wearables. Unfortunately ‘Emily’ and ‘Nikki’ Do not currently show up in game. See screenshot below for an example -

They’re also showing up in the builder as only 100 triangles, so something odd is happening.


Please fix the single sided mesh at the end of the sleeves on Nikki.


It would be great to frame the Moira and Emily thumbnails more in the center so we can see the whole item. The Nikki and Platform Shoes thumbnails look great.


@grimey, we’ll get right on it.

@grimey all updated! Let me know about the 2 looks you couldn’t see :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hey these look great. Thanks for the update. There are 2 small penetrations happening during the walks on Emily and Nikki. Would be great to fix if possible. See screenshot below


@grimey now updated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates. All approved! Cheers!