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Fade Away Bunny

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FAB Backpack

FAB Pill Aura


Hi! Checking collection now!

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  • there is something wrong with backapack vertices, looks like they’re not welded

  • all holes should be closed, because in-game polygons renders only from one side

  • can you do better weight painting for backpack, please?

  • remove upper_body from replaces

  • pill aura not working, thats because it’s missing weight painting and attaching to bones

  • aura should use top_head slot

  • backpack should use earring slot, also add something like earring additionaly to match category

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can’t wait to see it on the market :star_struck:


Thank you for the advice. We’re now fixing these. I see most handbags wearable straps seems floating, you mean is this too much? We’re fixing as much as closely to the body, bit concerned when matches with puffer jacket or volume tops, backpack strap will be not visible.

We have fixed both backpack and aura. Please review. Thanks!

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Well, i didn’t tell anything about moving straps closer to body, i asked to weld vertices that move aside from each other on animations and also to add thickness for flat polygons, because they’re render only from one side, this issues is fixed

Now there are few new issues

thank you!


Thanks for the notes. Backpack fixed, please review.
Pill Aura, set on Spine 2, still does not appear on top of the head.
What has to be changed now?

i think you should apply transforms for pillar, because thats the reason why their position not equal to position shown in blender

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FABbb <69 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: :hot_face:

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This is what shown on the blender. Can you pls explain more on “apply transforms for pillar” setting?

I think it’s working now, pls check. Thanks!
Backpack as well.

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collection approved!

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Yeesss!!! Thank you so much.

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Hi! I noted that you updated thumbnails, sorry, but thumbnails should have transparent background.

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I’ve changed to transparent PNG. Pls review. Thank you so much.

collection re-approved!

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スクリーンショット 2022-04-19 124019
Uploading: スクリーンショット 2022-04-19 124046.png…

It doesn’t reflect revised image on the marketplace. Why?

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seems fine :thinking:

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