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Fairy Nun of tomb monster

**Taoist priest of tomb monster **

Hey! Just reviewing this now~

These are SO cool~ Love it!
Currently both genders cant use the designs, only male and female. Would you like to update that?

Recommended on male to turn the brightness down just a little

Double check teh mesh and weighting, there seems to be quite a few loose vertacies around the body and clipping issues when running

On the Nun design, the faces are flipped around the face, inside the kimono and the design following cannot be seen from one side. Kinda cool but I dont think it’s what you had in mind haha

Sadly even though this cloud is weighted really well, it will have to change in design. the clipping with environment can cause issues when we move to VR and the client later on.
So update to possibly something not directly on the floor?

Let me know once it’s all updated and I’ll re-review!

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Thanks for your advice,I have made all update,Looking forward to your review again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been waiting for a reply… :rofl: event time is approaching!

Oops, I’ll have a look

Thank you!!! :rofl:
Hope it can pass the test, I’m too late to change it!!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Nothing seems to have been updated as per the feedback, can you update and @ me when it’s uploaded?
Currently for some reason notifications aren’t coming through~

Let me know how you go~

Faces flipped:The hairstyle of the face has been modified, try not to cover the face as much as possible.
Clipping issues:Model routing has been modified.
Remove cloud:The cloud has moved up, not touching the ground.
Glow strength:Is the brightness adjusted? :sob:

I sincerely hope to pass the review as soon as possible, and I will try my best to change it and submit it as soon as possible. :sob:

Oh, sorry. Faces flipped means the normals are inside out making them transparent~
Currently the face is inside out. lol

This is the current screenshot in game:

Male still too bright , female has clipping around the feet (maybe the dress) when running.

Do your best to update, currently not working well. If you make the cloud slightly smaller I can let it pass. Thank you~

-Cloud smaller (or removed)

  • Faces/normals flipped
  • Any clipping issues
  • Fire brightness

Then I can approve~

I will change it now, and it will be re-uploaded within two hours. Please help me review it again! Thank you very much

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“ female has clipping around the feet (maybe the dress) when running”
I don’t understand this part, can you describe it in detail?

When moving (running) the legs come out of the cloud and it’s all transparent and a bit glitchy, it’s so quick it’s hard to screenshot.

I have already modified everything, please check it!
Thank you!!!
1.Cloud already smaller
2.Faces/normals processed
3.clipping issues(added feet)
4.Fire lightness decrease

I’m nervous!
looking forward to a reply!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have worked hard with the team for a long time
hope to participate in the fashion week very much :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

This head is still transparent~

If you’re using blender open here:

Turn on face orientation

You’ll see red faces

You can flip by pressing Cmnd + N
Uploading: image.png(1)…

These are some screen scots of the running. It still has quite a bit of issues around weighting and rigging. Please update and I’ll review asap!
I recommend removing the cloud, it’s really not working well.

Thank you~

I have revised these two questions and deleted the cloud model, I am sad that the cloud does not work well, because the traditional Chinese gods are standing on the cloud,anyway,hope you check it ASAP!Thank you very much!!