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Eyes of Fashion S01

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Green Glow Strapless Heart Dress

Eye of Fasion

hi i will review this now

could you hide hair on the helmet?

The collection has been assigned to Sango


I did it, hair is hidden now.
Though it would be nice to have the hair option on it.


just a little clipping on the front of the dress when you run once this is resolved it will be ready to be approved

Is the Eye Helmet approved?
Hair hidden

i can only approve the entire collection and not items. eye is fine now

Once approved,
Can I upload more items to this collection?

Same Eye and dress with different colors

no you cant add more items after you start the publication process, you will need to make another collection

I uploaded a new dress, fixed.
Please let me know if its approved, so I will upload same with different colors.
Same with the Eye

In a new collection

@Sango Hey,

How are you?

When can we get it approved please? :pray:

looks like you forgot to hide lower body on the dress

Sorry! @Sango
Did it now.

Hope all is ok

This collection has been approved

Thank you!

I opened another collection Eyes of Fashion S02
Can it be reviewed before I click publish?
Just to see if the 4 item I uploaded are ok?

Same dress and eye, different colors

a curator will check it for you when you push publish

I changed the image in the thumbnail of the dress and eye in S01, got “unsynced” status.
Is this waiting for approval also?


Forgot to add a logo on the back side of the dress, I updated the dress in S01

@Sango Hey

Can you review it please?