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Exodus Waifumon Valentine’s Day

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Lady Galowyne

Will check this item now!

Can you please push a small change like an additional tag? Cant see this in curation tab atm

@Yannakis Done, let me know if you can see it now

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Just some clipping with these layers and also need to fill the bottom.

@Yannakis Uploaded a new representation, believe we fixed the clipping at the hips. Did as best as we could with the very small clipping on the knee, but without significantly increasing tris, or altering the geometry, we don’t think that we can edit that part further.

Still lots of clipping and also a gap on the bottom that needs to be filled


Just uploaded a new version, mesh reworked a bit to avoid clipping with the dress.

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Perfect! Just fill the bottom and will approve!

@Yannakis Whoops! Think that was the wrong file - check out the new one.

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Collection approved!


Hey, just noticed that the background on the thumbnail is not transparent. Please update and tag me for reapproval.