Collection 'Existential Wearables' created by Eggsistential is ready for review!

and it’s weird that i needed to change the thumbnail. the one in that picture is not correct. it is correct now though

hmm most probably. :smiley:

Can you make sure the thumbnail has a transparent background and shows the wearable clearly

It is transparent. A green background is added i guess cause of its rarity. Not sure what else to do. Did someone figure out the problem with the other issues? I heard something about RGB might be the issue. I am hoping they figured it out. Thank you @Sango

The issue is that my avatar is holding all the past curations items on him so i cant see the current one i am curating. i am still waiting on the devs to solve the issue before i can proceed

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This collection has been approved

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Hello @sango. Sorry to bother you again on this one but I added some #s along with the DCLMF23 one. Please let me know when it is ready again.

Something else I just noticed and not sure what difference if any it makes. I have this item in collection and under a single item. They have different tags but the thumbnail is the same.

Thumbnails must be unique for them to be accepted

what does that mean?
its the same thumbnail i replaced it with when you first asked. Please advise

here you say that it has the same thumbnail as another item in another collection right?

Im not sure. It is for the same exact wearable just that there is a collection and a single item under that collection. I don’t get the difference. Am I able to delete one of them? Here is what I am reffering to just to be clear.

Okay i see what you are talking about now. the single item is the one that can be removed (though this isnt necessary) only collections can be submitted and the one in the collection is the one you sent for review. If thats what you were referring to when you mentioned two items having the same thumbnail then this will not be an issue as the single item is not live.

The update has been pushed

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