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Reviewing this now :+1:

Hey, looks good. But the backside is soo emissive, i’d suggest toning it down a lil bit


Hi buddy, Thanks for the fast reply. We’ve dialed down the emission and it should be good to go. can’t wait to see my first ever wearable in the DCL. Cheers

Hey, can you double check that the models were uploaded correctly?
I still see the same amount of emissive

Buddy, not sure what happened, but since this is our first submission we have a bit of trial and error. I’ve dialed down the emission to 0.1.
Is there a way to check the model in world? Atm I’m validating it only on the builder and it doesn’t show the emission.

You can test it in world by clicking the collection, then in the top right corner you see a ‘’…’’ button
Press it and you will see an option to ‘‘see in world’’. Once you have pressed this you need to switch to the ropsten test network on metamask. After that you will be able to test it out inworld.

There is much less emissive now though
Maybe too little? maybe 20% / 0.2 will do the trick

Hey there! I have updated the model! Fingers crossed for it to look good this time!
Unfortunately i was not able to test it in world. The game gets frozen in the character selection menu.
Can you please try it out and see if it now looks correct?

It’s a little more emissive. Try clearing your browsers cache if it is not loading

Ok, so, we’ve updated it again, and we think that this is the final tweak.
On another note we’ve tried to see in world, both me and a a colleague and the result was the same on both ends like in the previews printScreen. The arrow disappears and even if we click randomize it doesn’t show anything besides a blank canvas.
thanks for all your effort, cheers.

Okay not sure what the problem is, but the wearable looks good :+1: so i will approve it now