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Ethermon Halloween Collection

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Ethermon Duscre Ghost Suit

Ethermon Duscre Ghost Helmet

Ethermon Duscre Ghost Helmet GLD


This is an unbelievable creation! Pushing the limits :open_mouth:

Taking a look now :slight_smile:

Hi there;

So I’ve just taken a look at these and they look amazing! There are some technical issues to take a look at though before I can approve;

The head pieces will need to replace ‘earrings’ / ‘top_head’ / ‘hat’ / ‘eyewear’ / ‘mask’ otherwise there will be clipping issues with other wearables ingame. The head is also incredibly oversized as a standalone helmet (however it fits the body piece nicely, maybe there can be a compromise between the two?)

The body piece also shows that 5x materials are used and 3 textures however there doesn’t appear to be any use for 2 additional textures on the body piece and 5 materials allocated; maybe this was an upload error or best to check you don’t have any wasteful materials allocated to geometry upon export.

The piece looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it in world! :slight_smile:

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