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Ether Bunny

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Ether Bunny NFT Shirt

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Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 01.38.13

The male representation of the hoodie is floating. Please fix to approve.

On the other hand please send the consent from etherbunnynft to for IP clarification.

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Thank you. Sorry for the delay. I’m new to this process, just trying to learn it all. I submitted the correct way.

Also I’m sending over what’s needed for the legal team

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We even own the EtherBunnyNFT name on DCL. How fast can this wearable be verified?

Hi @ZERisTHE1 ! The model looks fine! I noticed that there is a QR code within the t shirt. After some discussions with the curation team, we’re not allowing QR codes because could be dangerous for the community. Hope you understand :pray:. Please take off the QR code in order to approve.

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 12.20.40