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hi i will review this now


@Sango my friend, do we have a verdict for the review of this item?

Theres an issue with system, im talking with the devs to geta resolution

okay, thank you for the response @Sango

@Sango Have the devs found a resolution, Any updates? Thanks :pray:

i think it actually ended up going through. it shows as approved on my end now

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Looks like its good to go. I listed it for sale and its appearing in the marketplace now. Question tho @Sango I minted two to my wallet address and its showing up in Opensea but I can’t find it in my backpack. Does it take time to show up? Thanks my friend

did you reload the dcl page after minting? you will need to refresh to see it in your backpack

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Hey my friend, Yes everything went through and is now working. Thanks again! @Sango

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@Sango Hey my friend, real quick. I just published another wearable called BITSNECTAR Head. It is a 1 of 1. Im not seeing it on the forum yet. I was on the ETH main net and published and I got a pop up error that said “Something went wrong” and it switched me to the polygon chain. But it still took my 100 MANA. Can you please check on this for me??? Kinda freaking out.

Thanks mate,

go back to the collection in the editor and that will push it through

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@Sango Sweet my friend. Looks like it pushed through!

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