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Envied FutuR MVFW23

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EnviedFutur Just Be Black Hoodie

**Envied FutuR Flying Tiger **

Envied FutuR White Sweatshirt

I will check collection now! :slight_smile:

flying tiger:
currently we approve wearables with only human shape and arms + legs, your wearable don’t have arms and hands, please add them

make sure to weight paint aura properly, to avoid overlaps with body (small tip: if you want to keep idea, you can add standard arms but with very small amount of opacity)

make sure weld vertices in marked area, currently sometimes i can see a hole betweem body and legs

addt his categories to hiding list:

  • eyewear
  • helmet
  • hat
  • mask

white sweatshirt:
add lower_body to hiding list

Good Morning [theankou]!
(Profile - theankou - Decentraland)
Thanks much for the review and feedback.
We have updated both as per your feedback. PLease let us knowif it meets the specifications.

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collection approved!

Awesome!! Thankyou so much for your guidance Kristian!!