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Energy Headphones

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Energy Headphones Black

Energy Headphones Holo

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  1. The maximum amount of tris for an accessory is 500. Consider optimizing the models.
  2. The maximum amount of textures and materials for an item is 3 and 3.
  3. Consider adding some appropriate tags.
  4. Models don’t seem to load properly in-game. Please, check if your skeleton hierarchy is completely the same as the hierarchy of the source skeleton, apply all transforms and re-upload the models.


Hi AndreusAS

  1. I changed the the asset to a hat. I have chosen the wrong option.
  2. Actually we have 1 texture applied to 3 materials.
  3. i added the tags accordingly.
  4. i think the issue is that we originally planned and created a hat and not top hat. that’s why the hierarchy seems wrong.

Could you please check again?

  1. Nope:

  2. The issue is in extra bones in hierarchy. Check it for bone_ends, they are not needed.

Hi AndreusAs

I updated the assets, the textures are looking correct now. And also the bone_ends where removed. I hope the assets are fine now.

Thanks for checking again!



Bone ends on the screen, more down the list.

Should be fixed now!

Hey, collection has been approved!

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