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Emoji de Beso


Item is not rigged = not follow the characters animations.
Please rig it or it can’t be approved.

This is been uploaded as mask.
Mask tris limits is: 500. Your model has: 9158 and it cannot be approved as it is.

What you can do is:

  • reduce the tris count to 500
  • consider uploading this item as “helmet”, hiding all of the head related parts in the “hide” menu. This way you can use up to 2.5K triangles

Hello team, anxious and waiting for the approval of the item, I remain attentive to the answer.

Hi, I just modified it as you requested, made some changes to the design, set it as “helmet” and hid everything related to the head. Considering that you could have 2.5k triangles, I was able to configure it and it has 2376 triangles. In theory it would be perfect for approval. Stay tuned!

The wearable is not rigged yet , are you checking it into the editor?
You need to skin the mesh to the neck bone.

Hi, I went down to the beginning of the neck. in theory it should be fine. could you check it? stay tuned!

Hello, as you can see the wearables is not rigged.
Please rig it to the DCL armature

Thanks for answering, could you help me or tell me how to adjust it to the armor? thanks in advance!

You have to check online, this is about rigging: 3D skinning weight paint.
Video like this one may help.

Perfect! I will surely have it perfect for tomorrow. thanks for the help! We’ll be in touch!

Take your time to make it working :slight_smile:
Also next time use this settings for this kind of helmet:

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Hello!!! I just finished it and everything looks good now!!! You can pass it! Stay tuned!!!

Hello @Wallase10 Rig is much better!
I noticed you set full weights of the yellow head on the neck bone, while the red glasses weights on the head bone. This way the glasses sometimes moves over the head, like floating. (check dance animation)
You should distribuite better the weight between neck and head bones.
Avoiding such deformation.

Another point is the neck connection: You didn’t create a neck connection between you model and the upperbody. This will cause holes with some wearables. (see image)
Please fix this

Hello! Then we are moving forward, I will try to modify it soon! Thank you very much!

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Hello again! I have already made the modifications! I think it looks great! Anxious to see it approved!

Heyo @Wallase10 !

  • Now the model has 3 texture and 3 material. Maximum allowed is 2 Textures + 2 Materials, please fix it.

  • The neck geo you added is not connected (snapped) to the upper body neck section. This is again causing holes with some wearables.
    You should snap your neck’s verts over the upperbody neck’s verts and assigne to them full weight on neck bone. This will fix the issue.

  • The rigging is the same as before, with the glasses moving separatelly from the head mesh.
    Check the head animation result: Screen capture - d23227af8c42b4a6881a159e317516a9 - Gyazo
    Is this a “feature” you want for the wearable?


Hello! Ok, I’ll see how to fix it and I’ll upload it again! Thanks for your patience! It’s the first one and the others to come will be better!

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Hello My Friend! I’ve finished it! I lowered the textures and materials to 2. Checking everything in the world no longer deforms the head. So apparently now it would be ready!!! I’m waiting for your approval!

Hello @Wallase10 ! :slight_smile:

The neck is not connected to the upper body.
You should avoid holes when avatar is moving, unless you really aiming for this effect.
Check this:

Also this is the current head animation result. I think it’s funny, if you want to keep this effect it is ok.
Just want to be sure you are aware:

hello! the idea is that, as it is an emoji, it has a minimal floatation, to make more original the form of the emoji… we saw it in the editor and I like the effect that it has at the moment… Could you approve it this way? I have tried it several times and I see it as I wanted it in the animation =)