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Elfen Wings

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Elfen Wings

Hello! will chekc this now

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! @Soulmagic

  • Tiara tris limit is 500, you are using 1498. Can you reduce it or modify its category to upperbody?

  • It’s not clear what commands should activate the smart wearable. Is this supposed to be to working only in your scenes? You might want to add an UI or item description to claify this point

Hello @fabeeobreen, the tris are now decreased and there is “Flying On” and “Flying Off” when you click on the flying button. It will be in green when on and red when off. Soul is also required for flying. Please review again. Thanks!

Collection approved!

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Hello @fabeeobreen we found that there is a bug of the model when the wearable is displayed in DCL. Also the flying on/off buttons do not show. May I know how should this be solved?

By the way, the wearable works well in Desktop version. This bug appears on Browser version

Hello @Soulmagic !
That’s weird, are you sure you are not in a scene that is blocking smart wearables, and your worn smart wearable is active?

Also it could help cleaning up your project folder before running ‘npm run pack’:

  • Try to organize every additional asset into a folder (like “images” or “animations” or “models” ).
  • In the main project folder you should only have the wings glb.

Like this

When done reupload the zip

Thanks for sharing this! let me know if the problem persist after my last suggestion, if that’s the case we will ask dev to look into it

Hello @fabeeobreen we have reuploaded the zip, please kindly review thanks

Collection is approved! @Soulmagic

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