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EDO Rainbow Cat Speaker

EDO Ichimatsu Sunglasses

EDO Purple Cat Speaker


Hey @EDOLENABLE! How are you? These collection is awesome!

Some things to take into consideration to be approved:

  1. Because the hair is not hided in these wearables in many cases the tiara is hided under the hair and is not too visible, which is a shame because the tiaras are so well designed! In my opinion you should make them taller/bigger to pop up more and make the base wider for the ones that are not using hair, so the tiara can reach to edges of the head (otherwise seems like is floating)

  1. Categories and overrides fixes:

For EDO Ichimatsu Sunglasses → Replace: Mask, helmet

For EDO Purple Cat Speaker and EDO Rainbow Cat Speaker: change the category to Tiara
Replaces: Hat, Helmet

  1. For EDO Purple Cat Speaker and EDO Rainbow Cat Speaker try reduce the triangles to aprox. 1K.



Hi!Thank you for your reply & Thank you for checking!
I uploaded models, Please check again.



We uploaded fixed deta.

①This is “EDO rainbow cat Speaker”, Are the emissions set correctly?
It turn white in the preview. Please check again.

②Thank you for your checking this skinhead man. but We don’t care about this. It’ OK!

③We want to change the supply from 10 to 1000, is it possible?
Since we are opening a store for the first time, there are many things we do not understand, sorry for trouble you!

Thank you!

Replace: Mask, helmet, for the tiaras, please.
For eyewear: replaces helmet, mask.

  1. not possible :frowning: rarity cannot change after submission

Please do the changes to approve.

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Thank you for your reply.

  1. How about this Category?Is is collect?

“3. not possible :frowning: rarity cannot change after submission”

OK! Thank you.

  1. I wanna check blooming of Top Head at Decentraland.
    I could not see “see in world”. How do I do that?

Thank you for your support :smiley:

Hey, you have to setup your account first. Hit done button

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setup means “Names”??

I update Names.

and I also uploaded EDO Rainbow Cat Speaker again.

Please check again.

Thank you :smiley:

Just simple question: Can you go in the world with ropsten network ?

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Yeah, I try to ropsten network.
But I could not find our wearable :smiling_face_with_tear:
and I also add minter adress.

Mhh honestly, I don’t know :frowning:
Just tested 5m ago and it worked fine

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Thank you! I checked builder,There is no problem.
so, Please approve process. :pray:

Hi! Is there any problem?
Please let me know If I need to fix something.

Hey, I’m not be able to submit your item. I am not staff, just a member.

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this approving system is embarrassing.:((

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@Chestnutbruze Hey, the delay is soo long for him/her :confused: since 21DEC2021

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@Shibu @Chestnutbruze
Hello! Please tell me the current status.

Hey @Edo_Lena ! How are you? I still don’t see the changes reflected. Currently is empty.
You need to add in OVERRIDES:

For Edo Rainbow Cat Speaker and Edo Purple Cat Speaker:
Replace: helmet, hat

And for EDO Ichimatsue Sunglasses:
Replaces: helmet, mask.



@Shibu Thank you for your reply!
OK, I add “OVERRIDES”. Please check again. :pray:


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collection approved!

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