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hi! checking collection now! :grinning:

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  1. there are issues with weight painting on neck and hip part, as you can see there is a hole between body and legs, also avatar neck overlaps with body

  2. hair

  • add earring category to hiding list, please

  • please add some thickness to hair, because in-game polygons renders only from one side, right now hair have a holes, the same with earring on ear :slight_smile:

  • please weight paint tail to neck bone, that way taill will move with body and won’t overlap with it

  1. the microphone top_head
  • can you add some thickness to tails?
  • assign whole model to spine2 bone, that way microphone won’t overlap with body

thank you!

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Thank you for your check! I uploaded it. Please check again:pray:

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All isues is gone, good job!

  • add earring category to hiding list, please :sweat_smile:
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I’m 3D moder of Edolenable.
Thank you for your checking!!
I added earring to hiding list .

collection approved! :+1:

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Thank you so much :pray: :purple_heart:

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It is not displayed correctly on the preview screen.
Is there a way to display it correctly?


For the moment it’s shows as intented, the reason why it don’t show some parts is beause of AvatarSkin_MAT, i will ask about this issue in curators chat

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hi! preview depends on equipped wearables on your avatar in-world, so, actually, everyone will have different preview result according to their avatar in-world

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Hi! Thank you for your checking! got it. That mean there is no way for everyone to see it correctly,right?
Please let me know if the problem can be solved by setting the 3D model.

Everyone will see it differently, according to their avatar in-game / in-world, there are no any issues with models :slight_smile:

OK,I understand. But Everyone couldn’t see it properly on the preview screen, so I got an inquiry in this morning, so I hope this problem will be solved in the near future.

Hi! Looks like issue may be with GLB, i will check your GLB models in few minutes, problem may be in material. Usually all settings (specular, metallic) should be zero, roughness - 1, also if your wearbale use alpha it’s better to set it to alpha clip

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Hi! Yes! Problem with your GLB files. Looks like Alpha map is wrong, please fix alpha map

I recommend you to do this settings for all your glb files, and reupload them. That way preview on market will be fixed. Thankss!!

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@theankou Sorry my late reply. Thank you for checking. We updated new GLB file.
Please check this out :pray: :sparkles:

body and legs seems to be broken now

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