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Easter Sophomores

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Sophomore Galaxy Easter Egg Skin

Sophomore Chocolate Egg & Bunny

Sophomore Plain White Egg

Sophomore Color Easter Egg

hey can you go into the editor on this collection to push it to the curators tab?

Hi @Sango. I made a tag update to hopefully get it show in curators tab. Please let me know if you do not see it.

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi could you add hands in so it will work with VR and emotes?

Thank you for your feedback. Let me see what I can do.

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Hi @Sango. Sorry for the delay. Am I able to publish as-is, without hands?

To hopefully provide additional insight on the question, this is an evolution and adding hands breaks the evolution. The concept is a hatching egg with the first generation (already published) being an un-hatched egg. Hopefully I can continue the evolution with future generations but Iā€™m trying to not compromise the differences between the generations. Thanks, Vinny

hi unfortunately this is something the devs have asked us to make sure all wearables now conform with this rule of limbs following the armature

GMAE. Thank you for the clarification. Updates have been made and are ready for review.

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could you work on making it so that the arms do not clip on the shells as much? this is on all models including the bunny.

theres also a gap that opens up on the wings when running

Updates done and uploaded. Hopefully they are good to publish. Thanks for reviewing.

Hi @Sango. I have pushed the updates. Thanks in advance. I am hoping to get these live soon, in time for Easter :smiley:

theres still clipping on the bunnys chest and the egg

GMAE. Just uploaded revised version.

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This collection has been approved

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Thank you!! I appreciate your feedback.

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hey could you set mask, tiara, hat, helmet, earring, eyewear to hide list please?