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Will check this now!

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Thanks, this is my third wereable, hope you guys like it!

Can you please reduce the size of the watch on the thumbnail?

I have other watches that were that big, but I reduced it anyway :slight_smile:
Let me know if it’s ok, thanks

Just some weighting needed on male

Ok, that should do the job:

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Still same, make sure to remove any leg weighting.

I didn’t realised that there were some weighthing coming from the legs. Thank you for the help, now it’s probably solved, thanks

Collection approved @rafael !

thanks you for your help on this :slight_smile:

Why none of my items I can see on sale? can you help me with that? I just can find if I search for items not on sale…

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You have to go on the builder and turn on the “on sale” switch at the top of the page of each collection

ops… that makes sense lol sorry for missing this out. thank you for the explanation.

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Hi, why on opensea this wereable looks like is not mine?

It’s under a different wallet, and I cannot edit it, can you help? Thanks,

Hi, this wereable is unsynced, what does that means? I changed the description of the wereable, and I saw it had to be reviewed again, so to avoid this I deny the change, sending back the wereable back to its original state, where it was approved already. And now I see a yellow flag saying unsynced, and when I try to mint says: Some items have changes that have not been approved yet. Can you review that please? I think people are not able to use it because it’s unsynced, thanks,