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Dollar Pump x Decentraland

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**Dollar Pump President **

I’ll have a look at this~

Reviewing this it has a few things that need updating before approval

Can you update faces to all be outward facing, currently there are many not facing the correct direction making them transparent

Currently (might be hard to see) there’s a big ol’ weighting issue which is creating a vertex or few verticies to stick out when you move~

If you can update that and let me know when you’re ready I’ll re-review!
Thank you~

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Hello michi, sorry for waiting and thanks for your help.
I updated the new version, now it should be fixed.

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Looking so much better!
if this is a ‘skin’ category can you please set it up as so. Currently it’s upper body with categories hidden (feet need to also be hidden) meaning you can have a combined maximum of 3000 tris and only 2 materials~


Feet are clipping with design:

Can I also request you have a female representation available?

Let me know when you’ve updated!

Hi Michi! I solved last issues.
Let me know if everything is ok, thanks!


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haha totally dont hate me but just a few things still not working well on this design.

Currently the neck area doesnt seem to be weighted making the neck come out from the shirt

The jacket and shirt dont seem to be connected making it have large transparency when dancing

Other than those two things, this is good to go!!!

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Resolved also these 2 other things!! I hope now everything is ok ahaha
thanks always for your help!

Hi michi, any news about it?

Oh! I didn’t get notified, sorry!
This is all approved~

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Have a good weekend :smiley:

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