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DogeMaxi First Edition

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Doge Head


Sized to fit larger Jackets and wearables, will hide hair and face acessories

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Thanks for your submission.
It seems you are having some UV stretching and overlapping issues, do you want to work on it?
This video may help UV Unwrapping Problems - Overlap - YouTube

imageScreenshot 2021-07-26 143715

Thank you!

Good spot! New to blender so still learning but I will fix that up ASAP and reupload.

Updated with better UV map and fixed edge seams.

Thank you! Your wearable was approved

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Hi @vrglitch - seems the item is still sitting in review state just wanted to double check if that’s expected, do I just need to wait a bit for it to update?

Sorry!, There was an issue with the transaction. Should work fine now…

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