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DLA x DCLA Capsule 00

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DLA Head

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Hey this is perfect! Can I just ask you to make it "helmet’ category and unhide helmet from the hiding list?

Once done drop me an @ and I’ll approve!

Thanks @michi !
I actually see that the scale is not matching to what we’ve setup in the editor, see screenshot. Is this a problem on our end? The DLA Head should be much smaller than your test screenshot.

Hey @sean_dla , thats just a head emote in game for fun haha
Not the final wearable~
Just looking it seems to still be hat category? (Can you update to helmet and remove helmet from the hides list?)
Would you also please remove the url from description, thank you!

Ah my mistake, and sure I’ve switched the category and changed the tags. Also removed the URL, but is that not allowed? Asking for a future wearable. Thank you!

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@michi forgot to ping you

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Thanks that’s approved!
We try not to approve websites, QR codes and other links to avoid people changing the url location and trick people. Cyber Security reasons, not personal haha

Please feel free to reach out for any further support!

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