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DJ Play Music Dance

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DJ Play Music Dance

The collection has been assigned to Sango

hey could you make the first and the last frame the same to make it loop perfectly?

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Hi @Sango ,Done, check how it is .:pray:

Hi @Sango ,I’m waiting for your feedback . Thanks

This collection has been approved

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@Sango ,Thank you for your review and confirmation​:pray::heart_hands:

@Sango ,I put it on sale, but it has not been transferred to the market !!It does not work inside the game, what is the reason?


@Sango ,Shouldn’t I put it again (under review) and you confirm again? Maybe the problem will be solved

i just disabled and reenabled it now, see if its working now

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@Sango ,No, it still doesn’t work and it won’t be transferred to the market either.

@Sango ,I uploaded again, please confirm again, maybe the problem will be solved.!

@Sango , Can you please check and confirm again, I am waiting !

update has been pushed

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