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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @42meta

Hey @fabeeobreen Thanks for reviewing. The item is skinned now.

Also we requested IP usage proof from Diesel, but they only provided us with a usage permit for a limited time. Since the Wearable will be available basically forever we have now removed all IP usage of the brand from the image. Are you ok to approve this version?

Hello @42meta !
First of all happy birthday! :slight_smile:

  • Tech is good! Let me bring thiswith the curation team: you changed the item name, but you can’t change anymore the collection name. I need to check if we can approve your collection with this name without the IP documents. I’ll keep you posted asao i have updates on this

Hey @fabeeobreen thank you for the birthday greetings :wink:

We thought that without the relation to the Logo the term Diesel could just as well mean Gasoline :wink: Let me know if I can provide anything to support the case.

Hello @42meta !

Do you mind sending this consideration to

Hey @fabeeobreen Diesel event has already taken place now. You can visit it at 139,-118 :wink: Was very successful. If we can leave this approval thread open for another couple of weeks we might actually get the IP usage confirmation by Diesel for the original design. Is that ok?

Yes sure, this thread will stay open as long as you need.
Of course send IP documents to legals email once ready, and I’ll approve your collection asap i get green light.