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This classic collection by Nicky Diamond in DCL is super exciting. Looking forward to getting some on my feet.

Taking a look at these now!

Looks like there is a gap between the shoes and gap on all of them. Probably a weighting issue. Let me know when you fix it by tagging me here!

@Yannakis We can take a look at the skinning issue but can you give us some guidance on how you would suggest we check that for accuracy when it is impossible to get that close to the shoe in editor or in world?

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  1. Make sure its connected to the leg by importing a base model.
  2. Clean up weighting for everything except leg bone on the line that connects with the lower body and make it completely red on the leg bone for the same part.

Hi @Yannakis We’ve made the changes you have specified and tested it in world and it looks great. Please take a look and look forward to getting your approval today.

Collection approved!

Hi @Yannakis There is a desire to release the shoes to the marketplace one by one rather than an entire collection. Is this possible at this point or do we need to restart the process?

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Unfortunately this wouldnt be possible now since the “On sale” button gets the whole collection on the marketplace. I think the only option would be minting a wearable to a wallet and selling on secondary market.

@Yannakis Can we remove the entire collection and resubmit each item individually?

When a collection is submitted I nothing can be changed other than representations and name…

@Yannakis Can the name of the collection be changed as well as the names of the individual items? I noticed there was a misspelling in the item names which I fixed and resubmitted and there is also an error in the collection name that I am not able to change. Please advise.

Only item names can be changed.

@Yannakis If I am understanding you correctly there is no way to remove a collection from the marketplace entirely? It will always show up in the marketplace as unsold, forever?

If you dont turn “on sale” on then it wont show but yes basically once a collection has been sumbited all items have to stay in that collection

There isnt a way to delete a collection or change collection name currently.

Can you at least approve the updated item names that I just resubmitted so the only spelling error will be in the collection name? If we want to have them sold individually one by one we will resubmit as a separate collection for approval.

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Approved it. Also have to let you know that the exact same items or very similar ones can’t be uploaded twice.