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DF x Neuno x Giuseppe Zanotti

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Giuseppe Zanotti Cobras

DF X neuno - Bomber Jacket

DF X neuno - Charcoal Jeans

DF X neuno - Bucket Hat

DF X neuno - White Long Sleeve

DF X neuno - Black Long Sleeve

DF X neuno - Green Long Sleeve

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Hey, will reciew this now.

  1. Consider making the thumbnails background transparent.
  2. Avatar hairstyles clip through the bucket hat. Consider updating the “Hides” category and adding a hairstyle as part of the wearable. True for both representations.
  3. There is a noticeble clipping on the back bottom part of the bomber during some animation. (dance, for example). True for male representation only.
  4. Same goes for all male representations of all sleeves.
  5. There also seem to be a slight gap between lower body and torso when wearing the jeans.


Perfect thank you for the quick review! We are working to get these issues corrected asap.

The only one we were unsure on is the thumbnails suggested to be transparent, we are happy to do this but wanted to just clarify why you made the suggestion.

Thanks!! - Will reply here as soon as we’re updated with new files correcting the weighting.


The thumbnails background must transparent, so that rarity color background can be applied correctly on the marketplace.


ah I see what you mean, we had added a border of the corresponding rarity color. Do you think that’s ok or best to move to the full background being the rarity color.


It’s required for the background to have more free space.



All suggestions have been completed and updated in the collection : )
*edit: point 5 the shirt edit wasn’t in place, placing that in now


OK all good to go! Edits completed : )

Thank you!!!

Hey, collection approved!

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