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Degree Metathon Blake Leeper

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Blake Leeper Prosthetic

Hi! Checking collection now!


  • snap pants top border vertices to standard avatar upper bottom vertices

model is supposed to be used only on male avatar, right?

thank you!

Yes @theankou it’s a 1 of 1 specifically for Blake Leeper to own so def Male only is good.

Also this is specifically for use with his Metathon t-shirt so it has been tested with that.
I will pass this snapping information on to the modeller

@theankou Hi, this has been resolved:

Hi! add feet category to hiding list, all other things seems to be ok now :wink: thank you!

Hi @theankou

The feet have now been added to the hiding list.


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Hi @theankou just checking you got the above message :slight_smile:

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Hi! Yes, will approve collection soon :sweat_smile:

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collection approved! :+1: