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Degree Metathon 2022

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Degree Metathon Silver Medal

Degree Metathon T-Shirt

Degree Metathon Bronze Medal

Degree Metathon Gold Medal

Degree Metathon Wheelchair

Degree Metathon Prosthetic Legs

hi i will review this now

some weighting issues on the medal versions

These are now resolved:

@Sango Just checking to make sure it’s all ok now?

few clipping issues

unfortunately we cannot accept this model as it doesn’t fit the armature properly. could you change it?

@Sango Do you have information about how to fix this?

the head arms and legs need to be attached to the head, arm, leg bones of the armature

hey James, the curators have spoken as a group and we have decided to let the wheelchair design go through :slight_smile:

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Amazing! Thanks @Sango that’s awesome news

A round of changes have been done to the t-shirt / medal versions to get rid of clipping issues.

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still some clipping on the male on the back when jumping

theres also quite a bit of clipping on the female waist too

Hey @Sango
The clipping issues have been resolved on the male and female versions.

Perfect, this collection has been approved

The rules should be fair for all… @butterflyprawn bike design was put down , @NikkiFuego VroomVroom Model D was put down, @DCLDating and @neocyber bike was put down. @CodexAegis statue was questionable as a rigid model. @GreatCarls Rhythmical Meta Rider Basic had to be changed. And a few more also had to change models.


The rules seem very fair. A mobility device such as a wheelchair isn’t an optional mode of transport for those who use them - it’s an extension of their core mobility and identity.

Perhaps Decentraland would approve other mobility devices should they be submitted, until such time smart wearables allow properly the gesture of inclusivity that this wearable was intended to provide.