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DEGO Carnival

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DEGO Miner Helmet

DEGO Miner Hoodie

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Hey, cool wearables

the head has way too many materials and textures, the limit is 2 mats and 2 textures.

And also you have to hide the head, right now the neck of the head model is clipping through the weaarable. And the neck of the wearable cannot be just a rectangle, it has to connect with the corresponding vertices on the upper_body neck portion.

Lastly, there seems to be some miscoloring on the right hand of the male hoodie

Hi, we’ve already adjust the model and make it the mats and textures fit the limit. pls take another check. Thanks.

Hi~~we’ve already adjusted the model and made the mats and textures fit the limit. pls take another check. Thanks.

Hey, sorry for the late reploy, but looks like there’s still discoloring on the hands

Hi, we updated the file of the hoodie. Pls take a look.
We’ve tested it in the Editor, there should be no discoloring problem. Not sure how it would display in the testing environment. Pls help to point out the discoloring problem if it’s still there. Thank you~~

Hi Chestnutbruze, pls kindly take a look at our updates of the hoodie~. Thank you.

sorry for the wait, looking at it now

:smiley: Thank you, we are looking forward your reply. Hope our collection could be approved very soon.

Hi Chestnutbruze, :smiley: No need to hesitate to let us know if there is any problems with the modeling. Hope the collection can be approved very soon.

Just letting you know @DDDaine , this looks like it was approved~
You can see in builder > Collections it will have a green dot meaning it’s live!

Yeah! It looks working now~~~really appreciate all your support :smiley: