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Decentral Gear

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I’ll check this now~

Currently the faces are flipped, I would recommend adding an inner layer also to prevent any transparency. With a single faced design, it will be transparent on one of the sides so try to make it with a bit of thickness.

If you could also shoot an email to with confirmation you can use the megaman design, that would be awesome!

Let me know when all that is updated and I’ll re-review.


I’ve decided to steer away from the licensed look and go all gold. I adjusted the mesh to have dual layers. I also normalized to recalculate outside faces which resolved the see-through issue. The double mesh resolved the artifacts while zooming. Thanks for the annotation. Let me know if I have satisfied the requirements.

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I will be looking into license approval of mega man look for another future submission, but I’d like to continue with this generic model for now.

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I think this can also block telekinesis… Can you hear my brain atm?

All approved!


LMAO. Next level tinfoil hat. Thank you!!!

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