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DCL Zombie

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Thanks @Sango.

I try to upload a thumbnail, but it doesn’t work because of the 2MB-Upload-Limit. The .glb-file is only 1110 kb and the thumbnail is about 140kb. What can I do now?

Greetings :slight_smile:

ill take a look for you, is the thumbnail 512x512 png?

Yes, its only 512x512 and i cant upload it.:man_shrugging:

can you try reuploading the file to see if that helps?

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I try to upload the .glb-file and also the thumbnail but it doesnt work.
It would be better if there is a upload-limit only for the thumbnail and not in combination with the glb.-file.
Can I send you the thumbnail and you put it in?

can you send over your thumbnail that youre trying to use?

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Hej @Sango, send you a message :slight_smile:

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