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**Blue Whale **

Alpha Whale

Grey Whale

hi i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Unfortunately static object arent able to be used as skins. the mesh should line up and work with the armature. could you change the model to suit these restraints?

Hi @Sango thank you for your quick response. I initially wanted to make it look and align with armature but it didn’t look like a whale anymore. I saw a cockroach in dcl sometime ago, so i thought this would work too. i painted the whale with the head of the armature. Is it ok if i add legs?. I just want it to look like a whale

the cockroach got through accidentally and people bought it before we could do anything about it so we decided to keep it as is so people dont loose out.

if you add legs then that will help, yes

Hi @Sango thank you and i just made an adjustment to the model, added legs.

Hi @Sango, i ADDED HANDS

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