Collection 'DCL Cowboy Hats' created by Flo#c15c is ready for review!

DCL Cowboy Hats

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DCL White Cowboy Hat

DCL Brown Cowboy Hat

Looks very simular to Collection 'CRYPTO COWBOYS x DCL REAL ESTATE' created by Klockmann#f76d is ready for review!

looks like a copy… If you go in the builder look the shape etc.


This is not a copy.

I scoped this concept over a month ago, it also looks different to yours in shape and design.

Surely there can be more than 1 cowboy hat design in DCL.

@Chestnutbruze @Lauretta @Shibu @HirotoKai Just bumping this for review in case it got lost in the que.

Waiting for the approval of this, I am willing to get one and attach to my avatar. Well, It’s just ladies wants a cowboy!

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It actually looks better then the version you linked (just my opinion)

this giddy hat was so cool, Waiting for this hat to come out, LFG!!!

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Hey! Everything ok! But please add in overrides:

Replaces: Tiara, helmet.


Hi @Shibu I have updated the collection :slight_smile:

Hoping to have one of this!! This hat is lit!!!

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collection approved!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy i just received the hat. And it was really cool!!! I really love it! Thank you so much bro!! :fire: :heart: