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DAVI Hoodies

DAVI Dresses

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Hey, please unhide the lower body on both wearbles and add both male and female representations

Hey. I’ve edited wearables according to your recommendations. Could you please review it one more time?

Hey, some clipping on dress for both male and female, for the hoodie you also need to add a female representation since the waist is in a different height.


I would like not to add male representation for the dress and female for the hoodie. Is it possible? The dress was created for female avatar and the hoodie for male avatar.
There were no clipping on female representation on dress previously.

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Hey @zosya please add representations to both wearables as this is one of the requirements

Do i need to modify wearables to add representation? Can I use the same design for both female and male representations?
There are wearables on the market that can be worn by one gender only, so I was sure that I can create wearables with one representation

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Just have to adjust the waist height to the female avatar and add representation to the existing wearable using the builder. Yeah we try to have both representations to as many wearables as possible I believe the main reason is most don’t check what gender the wearables are for (including me)

I uploaded both representations. Hope everything is fine!

Hey, hoodie is good! For the dress theres some clipping on both male and female around legs area and need to make the inside double sided or fill the gap

Fixed both female and male representations. Could you please check if everything is fine this time?

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Collection approved!