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MecaScorpio Tail Black & Red

Hey, I’ll review this now~

Just having a quick look this isn’t tiara category but more lower body + top head combo. If you could update this to reflect the category more accurately I can re-review~

Let me know!

Hi Michi :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve made some changes then, add an earring on the left ear (why always 2 earrings after all haha) and changed the category !

If it still not ok I can just move the tail so it doesn’t touch the lower/upper body.

Let me know :slight_smile:

Looking at this it’s not accurate to earring category. Still looking like lower body/top head combo, just double check tri count for accessories when updating category~
Also ensure the design implements 50% of the category item.

Let me know how you go!

I’ll lower the triangles to 500 and build a tiara as well so don’t waste your time to check I’ll let you know when it’s ok. :slight_smile:

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Hey Michi :slight_smile:
I’m ready now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey! This is super close and looks sick, can you update the thumbnail to be 50% focus on the tiara?
Update to hide top head also plz then we’re good to go~~~

Oh thanks for your words it’s good to hear :slight_smile:

Done & done :hugs:

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Hey! Can I ask you to update the thumbnail to have a focus on the tiara so it’s at least 50% of the preview?
Currently it’s less then a third of the preview~


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Well, missunderstanding due to my lackness in English, so it might be ok now !

edit : I hope haha

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haha all good! I was about to approve but the tiara needs to be weighted top head 100%, currently it doesn’t grow with the final emote and clips with the head! :open_mouth:
(tail is fine haha)

One last change and it’s approved :pray: :pray: :pray: :cloud:
Thank you~

Don’t worry Michi we’ll publish it eventually!
Which emote is it? Because I have none of the issue you showed with all the emote so I don´t really know where I’m going.
Everything look good on my side even tho the tiara doesn’t look really beautiful with this haircut, I tried the decentraland tiaras with the same haircut and it’s awfull.
Perhaps it is from the big head ? Is there any way to setup the big head or is it only for mods?

Edit: I see that your avatar isn’t wearing the tail, is it something that you can cut? Because as I told you everything works fine on my side, I can record a video if you want.

Sarcastic Edit: if you see my name next time I publish you should probably avoid me hahaha, what an annoying customer, I’m sorry for that mate :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wont avoid you, I’m not like that haha
My first wearable I was super nervous and took me a week to get it right!

When your testing in world there’s an extra emote, in chat you can type: /emote headexplode
for that effect!

Currently the tiara must have weight from the neck, if you go into weight paint then edit while selecting the neck armature:

then with it selected press command+G (I’m on mac) and then click remove from group

That should remove any of the other weighting that is making it clip!
Let me know if you get stuck~

Oh thanks a lot for all these informations I really appreciate that’s so cool! I would have been stuck for days I think! And to check my tiara IG I was always running in a corner to get a close camera haha.
I’m also on mac(4ever)
I’ll try out after my shift tomorrow! Thanks a lot :heart::pray:

You’re a genius Michi

Everything works like it should ! Thanks a lot!

I’m ready !

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Thank you for your patience in the process @Aenkei !
That’s all approved~

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Oh tusen takk Michi ! We did it haha

Na that’s all good I understand that there is some standard we need to respect that’s normal and I learned a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for YOUR patience

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