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Cutter for a Cause ®

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Chef / Baker Hat

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, looks like youre using a wrong armature which makes it invisible in game.

Okay, I just changed the name of the armature to what it was in stock FBX file and re-uploaded it. Please check it again. Thank you.

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The issue is these 3 bones that are not needed

Thank you, I will edit this later today.

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Okay, just updated it. I deleted the 3 bones. Please let me know if it works now. Thanks.

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Still the same. Id suggest downloading the base armature from github and reweighting it. Lmk if you cant find it

I did use one of the reference models from docs.decentraland site here -

And it does have the extra bones that I just deleted

If there’s another place I’m supposed to get the reference models, then it’s not in the documentation

Use the armature from here: avatar-assets/BaseFemale.glb at master · decentraland/avatar-assets · GitHub

Okay, just used it and I uploaded it. Please let me know if it works, thanks.

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Perfect. Collection approved. Let me know if you want to change the hair material name to AvatarHair_MAT so it changes according to the avatar hair color selected.

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I actually did not know that I should have a separate mesh layer for the hair, so the whole thing is one mesh and I don’t think you’re able to do that.

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You can create a material with that name, select the hair faces and assign them to that material. No need to make it a seperate mesh :raised_hands: