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CurationStation - Eldership

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Elder Mask

Elder Cloak

Elder Leggings

Elder Loafers

Staff of Time

Hi! I will check this collection

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elder mask

  • add facial hair to hiding list
  • remove head from replaces, add to hiding list

Hey! I actually want facial hair to be seen with this piece :slight_smile: I have changed the head replace to hiding though!

sorry, but facial hair needs to be hidden

Can you please refer me to a document that states we arent allowed to publish wearables with visible facial hair?

sorry but i will not approve collection without facial hair added to hiding list :\ there are no exact rule, but there are principles of good looking and “avoid” of bad overlaps with other wearables.

  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected; for example, a hat that is categorized as a lower body item.

I suppose in our case, facial hair follows “misleading categories”

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This isnt a facial hair wearable though. I am simply not denying people the ability to equip facial hair if they so choose.

Are you to say that if this were merely a hat that you would require the creator to hide facial hair?

In your case wearable hides whole head, that means that it will work bad with all accessories (because shape of your wearable dont match base head shape), in this case, any curator will ask you to hide most of accessories categories.

I’m not sure what you mean. You may think that it does not go well with additional accessories but I ensure you that this is sexy. As the publisher, I want it published with visible facial hair. Unless there is a technical constraint that prevents this from being published, or documentation that states this is in violation of DCL Wearable Publishing Guidelines, I want it published as is.

Thank you

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

The collection has been assigned to theankou

collection approved, but i will wait for answer from most of other curators to know what they think, if most of them will agree with my opinion, then i’ll disable collection until facial hair will be added to hiding categories

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Okay thank you and let me know!

You will need to add facial hair to hiding list, sorry :frowning:

Hello, sorry I am just seeing this. I paid $3000 just in submission fees for these collections. Tier 4 head is intentionally smaller and intentionally has floating facial hair because it looks awesome and allows people to give their own flare to the wearable. This wearable meets all the technical guidelines set by DCL.

I appreciate all the work the curation team does but, no offense, you do not have the right to tell a creator that you are denying their wearable because you personally don’t like the way it looks.

People have floating crowns, floating animals, floating literally anything they want. I want floating facial hair and I am not updating it unless you can show me DCL Documentation stating that this is a technical issue that violates the wearable creation guidelines.