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Cumbia Is The New Punk #DCLMF23

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Cumbia Is The New Punk #DCLMF23

I will check collection now!

please, remove upper body from overrides → wearables list, otherwise wearable will hide itself

i’m not sure, but i think you will need to send IP rights for “Cumbia Is The New Punk” to

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Hi, thankyou.
I fixed the “hide upper body” problem.

also, about the IP
“Cumbia Is The New Punk” is a shirt design originally from my band that we have been selling for years on hats, shirts, sweatshirts & bandanas.

Band Name “Los Ahijados De La Changa”
I’m The Producer at the Label & I am co-leader of the band.

i included some screen shots for reference.
if you need anything else, let me know.

@BEATKOIN you will need to send all that info to, if everything OK they will let me know and i will approve collection!

hi, thanks again.

what is the legal issue that you are anticipating?
just so I can get all the right info for the legal team.

also if this will take some time, maybe I should remove the DCLMF23 since it wont make sense to do it any more.
this was a special thing we are trying to do just for #DCLMF23


Current problem with IP rights is that you use name “Cumbia Is The New Punk” as collection name and print on wearable, the same issue comes to logo, you will need to provide IP rights to with any information that will proof that you’re able to use name and printed logo.

Legal team will tell you more if there will be any issues, if there won’t be any issues i will approve collection as soon as i will get news from legal team. I don’t think that this will take lot of time if you will send all needed info to them asap. You still have 2 days for collection approval, and even if collection will be approved a bit later, your collection still will be shown at market under category DCLMF23 as far as i know.

Also, as written in pop up window (when you publish collection) it’s impossible to remove tag from collection name or change collection name at all after publication…

Hi Theankyou.
cool, thanks for explaining the collection name issue. hopefully it gets approved, if not, i’ll submit something else. but hopefully we can keep it moving so i can drop something for DCLMF23.

also, I sent Decentraland Legal a couple emails like you suggested. so hopefully we can all figure this out.

the good news, I contacted my lawyer & he let me know the misfits logo has been Public Domain since the 70’s. Misfits tried to sue several times over the “Fiend Skull” and lost or dropped every case.

The Misfits’ iconic “fiend skull” logo originated from Republic Pictures’ 1946 film serial The Crimson Ghost. The key difference, however, is that by the time The Misfits formed in 1977, The Crimson Ghost had already been in the public domain for six years and Republic had already been defunct for a decade.


hi Theankyou

if we change the collection name & resubmit & pay the fee again, does that resolve the collection name issue?

and then the legal team can scrutinize the art as a seperate issue?

I recommend you to wait for answer from legal team, to avoid any unexpected issues

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thankyou, theankou., i’ll take your advice and wait.

is it ok to submit a different collection, while I wait for this one to resolve?

also have a great week!

Yes, you can publish new collections

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Hi @BEATKOIN! collection approved! but i want to notice that if there will be issues regards to IP rights or complains about it, i will disable collection.

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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thankyou theankou!!!

I fully understand and will be respectful in the event that there are any problems.