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The collection has been assigned to Sango

hey you will need to use a transparent background and add some geometry in the tiara area to make it fit into the category, this will also need to take up half of the thumbnail

Hey @Sango :beers:

now the background of the thumbnail is transparent, I have corrected that. Does the geometry of the tiara have to be visible, for example like an earring? Maybe I should change the category to earring

yes the geometry needs to be visible. if you change to earring then you will need to add some earings to the geometry :slight_smile:

Hey @Sango,
i have made the corrections (thumbnail/geometry) and change the category to earring.
Everything should be ready by now :slight_smile:

with transparent background

added geometry (male/female)

Thank you

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This collection has been approved

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Thanks @Sango for the quick approval :call_me_hand: :beers:

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