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CryptoNovo Community Heads

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CryptoNovo Community Heads

Hey, I’ll review this. I know this already exists, can I confirm why it was uploaded again?

Actually strangely this will be the third time published???

Hey sorry just saw this! We’re going to use these as access tokens for our DCL scene and have token-gated areas for the different levels. There is a golden earring on the 1:1 that Novo holds in his wallet that distinguishes it from the others.


Hey as per the guidelines wearables can’t have duplicates in the same collection or be exact copies of existing wearables. The second time you published the wearable I wasn’t aware it had already been approved as it’s not a really common occurrence for someone to re-upload an item multiple times unless theres an issue with the collection name which can’t be changed. In the cases of an item being published a second time, the first collection is permanently disabled or updated.

What people sometimes do is a colour variation or slightly different design. Can you update to be a variation?

Let me know! Happy to help~