Collection 'Crypto Rich' created by AO#4332 is ready for review!

resubmitting for a bug fix.

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Omg I need one of these this is painfully accurate

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Resubmission to hopefully fix a bug

Resubmitted to hopefully fix a bug

bumping for a resubmission to fix a bug

@shibu @vrglitch @Lauretta @Chestnutbruze
Sorry to tag but I am at 3 consecutive comments and I am starting to get lost. Ty!

Can’t wait ti see the update!!!

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@vrglitch @Lauretta @Shibu @Chestnutbruze @Malloy

Any way I can get this approved by Saturday? I am having an event and doing a giveaway with these.

All it is, is a resubmission to fix a bug and I added a female representation. I resubmitted 11 days ago so hopefully I can get these approved by Saturday. Thanks!

Wearables with a disproportionate number of triangles and textures may be rejected. Wearables with too many triangles and textures can result in poor performance and a bad experience for users, so creators should avoid exceeding the following guidelines when creating wearables:

  • No more than 1.5K triangles per wearable
  • No more than 500 triangles per accessories
    Acceptance criteria

Look at pictures above. It only has 2 materials and 2 textures… the 3rd is from the base model.

the collection is already approved @Saldivar24


thank you! I appreciate it

hey @Shibu

I just checked and there are still no changes and still showing yellow
Screenshot 05-02-2022 210304

you need to push changes in order to approve again then


I just pushed the changes, my bad. I thought it automatically did it when I new glb was submitted.

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Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 13.59.36

oh wait, it says 4 textures and 3 materials.

Can you reduce the materials and textures?



Yea idk why its saying that. If you scroll up to prior messages, I sent the screen shot of my materials and textures used. I have 2 materials and 2 textures. The base model adds 1 texture and 1 material. Idk where the 4th one is coming from

@ shibu
This hoodie is bugged at the moment, is it possible that’s why it’s showing up with so many textures? Because its showing “Crypto” real big at the bottom of the hoodie and thats not supposed to be there. (see photo in previous comments) and if so, how do I get this resolved? I know @DOCTORdripp had some bug issues with his kites previously.

@saldivar24 if the number of tri’s and materials have increased mysteriously, you might have a cloned mesh or something else going on. i fixed my kites by taking the one that didn’t glitch, and rebuilding all the others around that one.

Appreciate you my guy. Ill see if I can make it work by doing the same thing

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@saldivar24 You got this fam! (& if you don’t, dm me and I’ll help<3)

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