Collection 'CRYPTO COWBOYS x DCL REAL ESTATE' created by Klockmann#f76d is ready for review!


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Sheriff Hat - Lawman Edition

Cowboy Hat - MANA Edition

Cowboy Hat - Brown Edition

Cowboy Hat - Black Edition

Cowboy Hat - BTC Edition

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Hello :grinning:
For this wearable collection, we decided that the hair, should not be hidden.
This allows the user to create interesting combinations of their imagination and give them a cool look.

Kindly regards,

Discord: Klockmann#3349

This is also our first wearables collection made. Let me know if i need to do some rework on it :slight_smile:

Hello @Klockmann Happy to see that your wearables are waiting for review :stuck_out_tongue: We did a great job on them and i cannot wait to see them on the Market Place :slight_smile:

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Thank you a lot! @NairuZa

Looks really nice! Are looking forward to buying some myself before everything is gone!

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Here’s a list of the fixed, so its ready to be approved :heart_eyes:

  • Reduced all hats to the restricted limited count of 500 triangles
  • Merged lose triangles/ verticals
  • Weighting on all hats
  • Rerigged the hats to the character to fit it the base models
  • Added hair for male and female version, hair color can be chosen by the user
  • Added some little tweaks on top to make it a bit more look like a cowboy hat
  • Changed the Bitcoin logo to safe triangles in the Bitcoin hat and added an other texture to it
  • Added emission to the bands on the Mana and Bitcoin hat
  • Added DCL Real Estate Logo within the hat (isn’t visable in the game, only on marketplace)
  • Added new thumbnails with DCL Real Estate Logo on it

Thanks to @MetaWear for helping out with fixing the designs!

Here’s some pictures of the improvements

@Shibu @vrglitch @Lauretta @Malloy @SteveScott @Chestnutbruze
Know your’e busy - would love a review, im so ready now :rocket:

hey @Klockmann will review this today, talk to you soon

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Thank you so much​:pray::pray: I really appriciate it thanks for your hard work​:muscle:

hey @Klockmann the wearables look ready to go, just a couple of things before approving, you will have to put in replace helmet in all the wearables so that it repalces that category

and also shorten the female hair a little bit beacuse when you are walking the pony tail collider with the back

let me know when you do that and I will approve it

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Hello @Lauretta i made the changes. Should be ready now!

Hopefully everything is good for now, I made the pony tail is shorter to avoid collapsing with the spine :smiley:

@Klockmann if you need anything else, just message me and I fix it a.s.a.p. :call_me_hand:

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I like this :+1: We got a new Sheriff in town.

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Thank you a lot @MetaWear and thank you for assisting & helping with the designs. It’s been a pleasure to work with you - and would 10/10 recommend others, to use you that wants to create unique wearables. Thanks again for the awesome service and quick help with the fixed :rocket:

Thanks a lot @OfficialCryptoCube :cowboy_hat_face:
And yes indeed there’s a new sheriff in town haha :slight_smile:

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hey thanks for your patience @Klockmann @MetaWear approved!


THank you :smiley: really do appriciate it

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@Klockmann thanks for not ripping off my geo on this one. will make sure to keep an eye what you submit to the committee to make sure you don’t rip off fellow artists in the space

Hey man, get off my wearables thanks

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