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Crypto Bloxs

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Crypto Bloxs - Gold

Crypto Bloxs - Silver

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@Sango please review at your earliest convienience

These skins looks awesome!

I saw you tagged Sango but I’ll have a look at this and hope that’s ok~

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Hey, this is looking good.
Skin restrictions are currently 5000 tris, 5 materials x 5 textures. If you can align to those specs I can re-review.

Please let me know~

Looks Great- when can we get this?

Hi @michi the updates have been made as requested. Please review and approve at your earliest convienience. Thanks

hi @michi any chance you can review- excited to get approved

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Sorry for the delay, just checking this now.

This is all good, if you can just add hides: hat, helmet, eyewear, mask then should be good to approve!

@michi this has been updated as requested. Please review and approve. Thank you!

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@michi please take time to review. Thanks

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This should be closed now, thank you for waiting!

hi @michi are the skins now approved and avaiable?