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cryptdelart swimsuits

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cryptdelart white male (s) shirt

cryptdelart white male (s) short

The collection has been assigned to theankou

so what do you want us to do now ?
we need to pay the 300 dollar fee again ?

@theankou Hi! Good day. I’m the creator of these wearables. By hole do you mean the gap between body & wearables?

Yes, you don’t need to pay any fees, just re-upload models in current collection for free

You will need to close gaps, because in-game all faces are one sided and gaps will be holes that’s shows everything from world :slight_smile:

You can test your wearables by hitting three dots in collection and hitting “see in-world” button

I weight painted it now it’s more distorted

looks like it’s not weight painted strictly to 1 to hip bone, looks like there is still some influence from legs bones

Hey @theankou just helped them fix the issues! Would you mind taking a look? Thanks in advance!


checking collection now!

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collection approved!

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