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Crush On You

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Lovers Jacket

  • Description: I have a crush on you!
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: upper_body

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Better view of the jacket.

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Super cool man! I really dig this!

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Hi @Yannakis

I am sorry if it is not up to you, but you have approved my last collection.
I have sent this wearable 3 days ago and nobody is reviewing this. I saw some wearables that was uploaded alfer me and it was already approved.
Is it normal? Or did I do something wrong?

Hey, i can check it as soon as the mainnet is up again! Thanks for bringing to my attention!

Thank you very much!

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Hey, looks like there are some clipping issues. Please tag me here when its fixed!

Hi @Yannakis,

I am sorry. It is only for male. I fixed it. Tks.

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Ill have to ask you to also upload a female version. Thank you.

Hi @Yannakis,

I uploaded the female version. Thank you.

You can buy this wearable on the link below: