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Croc Spectator Shoes by Keching

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Spectator tuxedo suit shoesboots

Hello all : D)

Here’s introducing Keching’s latest pair of luxury hand welted shoes drum rollllsss~~~

The classic black and white SPECTATOR SHOES in white crocodile leather

Find our avatars sashaying in their brand new shoes, in the photo below, with our first two collections:

Our Suave Chic collection & Timeless Seersucker collection here:

Both collections come with their own pairs of shoes too, and that’s real luxury choice for our clients : D)

Come on now into our store for some great shoe shopping fun (3 different models!) here:

A dedication to your avatar’s self confidence

Our thumbnail proper:

Our brick and mortar businesses:

Hi! Checking collection now!


Hi Kristian!

Thank you! Looking forward!


  • there is something strange with shoes sole, is it intended?

  • also looks like there is one vertex thats not snapped for seamless transition

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Hello yes, that is our logo as in the product cover card.

We will check the vertice!


With regards to the vertice. Can we request for some help as to what might be causing it?

We are checking on our end, and all cap vertices align exactly with the base meshes from both the offical dcl site and from github.

We also checked the weighting for the single slightest weighting that is off but there doesnt seem to be anything wrong.

Are there other factors which we can explore?

Thanks in advance!

Photos of the cursors at the vertices above the ankle malleolus (the stumpy thing in the mesh).


Hello Kristian!

We uploaded a new model. Please let us know if the vertex still has problems!

Thank you in advance : D)

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collection approved!

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@theankou Thank you Kristian!

To all: keep watching this space for promotions : D)

The following promotions are currently running:

Hello all : D)


We included promotions tied to our new Legendary Spectator Shoes in our promotions website link, in the paragraph above.

Three wearables comprising 1 coat, 1 trousers and 1 pair of shoes from our upcoming collection of 3 pcs suit will be GIVEN FREE to ladies and gentlemen who purchase this pair of Legendary shoes. If you have bought, please register by replying below:

“PM please, Promotion 2.”

Two other promotions are also available in our website link (above).

Thank you all : D)

Our Legendary Spectator Shoes can be found here: